Coupon Craze:How I Couponn!! Ms. C2Savvy’s 10 Steps for success!

How does MzCouponn2Savvy do it?

I get tons of emails daily about how I have mastered the coupon game. Here are some pointers:

  1. GET MY INSERTS/NEWSPAPERS-I ordered the Star Ledger(NJ) which has 2 inserts(Thurs/Sun) a week in it. I also get a Supplement on Thursday that has other stores in it as a sample. I get my papers from Dollar Tree because they are $1.00!!!
  2. DO MY MATCHUPS– I use a sharpie marker to circle good sales in the circulars first as soon as I get them. That way I already have an idea of whether or not I will go into the store that week.I also check other blogs, and websites such as, and
  3. CUT COUPONS– Since I get at least 10 of each insert on Sundays, I always make sure that I keep them together so that I can clip them. I staple the same coupons together then cut them out.
  4. SORT/CATEGORIZE– I like to divide my coupons into categories,and subcategories. If I cannot fit in my coupon  binder, then I use loose baseball sheets to put them in.
  5. TRY A SALE– I like to go to the store and get my feet wet. I hate confusion at the register. I want to know if the deal will work as I planned. I like to check the CLEARANCE mainly and see what is marked down. That is my first stop in the store. I also purchase something that I wanted in the matchup.
  6. AISLE SWEEP– I like to check each aisle and see what they have and check the prices.
  7. COUPON GRAB– If I find something inside, I will go and grab the coupon in the car, and put it in my PENDAFLEX file to bring it back in. The binder is getting too heavy.
  8. TEARPAD SEARCH-I like to look for coupon in the store, whether its a blinkie, peelie, or tearpad. I try to look for new products because the high value coupons always come out in the beginning.
  9.  RAINCHECKS– Chances are that they might be out of an item, so I always make sure to get a raincheck. I love when they don’t expire, but I make sure to use them by the date.
  10. ORDER COUPONS– I have an excellent rating on Ebay, because I like to bid, and I always make sure that I pay quickly. I order coupons that I think are going to be hot items. I check my circulars and then search for the coupons.  If you wait too long, the sellers increase the amount. For instance,  The Gain Fabric Softener Sheets went on sale for 1.99 but as soon as the sellers noticed the hype, they increased their prices to $9.99+.




Erica @ MzCouponn 2 Savvy

“♥SM.PIF.N ♥”


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