The Lysol No Touch Hand Soap System..Then and Now

So…yes I’m obsessive..I wash my hands a lot because there are lots of germs out there. I discovered this hand soap system walking the aisles at Walmart. I told myself that I would use the coupons I had to get a couple and then order more if I had to. Sure enough I did…I ordered 20($3.00 off) Starter Kit coupons and 20($3.00/1) refill from Ebay and prepared to go to the store. Well at first I picked up the systems. They were $6.00 with a $3.00 off coupon making them $3.00 each. The refills were $3.47. I got about 10 soap systems and 30 refills total. I went to three different Walmart stores. The systems were $3.00 each, and  the refills were $.47 each! What a great deal! I was very happy. If I knew what I knew now then I would probably try to pinch pennies. Now the systems are becoming popular and they are costing about $14.99 EACH! I am glad that I got mines when I did.

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