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Hey Readers,
Now if you know me, I am always referring someone somewhere, and love to join communities, and share a common interest. I began watching Extreme Couponing on television during December 2010. I was so impressed by the very 1st 3 couponers. Among those, I saw Nathan Engels. He amazed me! He was able to score tons of items for under $200. That was impressive. Then I found out that he had a website called WeUseCoupons.

I decided to check it out, and in one word this forum is AMAZING! It is an online community full of people who use coupons and discuss when and where to use them. I love this site! You find everything from Deals, Coupons, Virtual Classes, and even Printable Coupons. There is even a discussion board about coupons, and how to use them.  Everyday I anxiously check my email to see something new or learn a new tip or pointer. If you ever need to know where to find the best deal, go there. If you ever need to know where the best coupon clipping services are, go here. You will be glad that I told you. Be sure to tell them where you heard it from. If you asked me tomorrow, I would say the same thing. I love WeUseCoupons. It’s my forum of choice.

The links contain a referral link: Be sure to type in couponbrat25, as the name who referred you. Thanks!


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