Coupon Craze:Is there an Advantage to being Brand Loyal?

Coupon Craze: Is there an Advantage to being Brand Loyal?

Now I always wonder. As I look at many stockpile videos, I notice that people are stockpiling on name brand and non name brand items. When I say name brand, I mean Tide, Downy, etc. I say this because some things are not name brand, and you wonder how they have 1,000 or more of these items.

I grew up eating Frosted Flakes and I stuck with that for years. The other day I was fortunate enough to get Malt-o-Meal Frosted Flakes. I made a small bowl, and to my surprise they taste exactly alike!!! So why to people stick to name brands, when store brands taste almost the same? I believe that you are only paying for the name.
If these were side by side, which would you buy? The brand name that is a higher price or the non brand name for a lower price? Think about it , and make the most reasonable choice.


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