StTaS:Couponing: How do you roll a Register Reward?

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5th topic: How do you roll a Register Reward?

What does it mean to roll a Register Reward? When you roll a Register Reward, or Catalina, you use the Catalina earned from the first transaction to pay for the next transaction and so on.

Transaction #1

But 4 Right Guard deodorant $1 each

Use 4 .25/1 Right Guard deodorant mq

Pay:$3, get $3 Catalina

Transaction #2:

Buy 4 Nivea Bodywash $1.25 each

Use 4(.50/1) Nivea Bodywash mq

Total $3. Use $3 earned from Transaction #1 so your O.O.P. will be zero!

**You must remember that the Catalina will not roll on the same deal. You can do another deal, earn a Catalina, then use that Catalina to repeat the first deal again.


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