StTaS:Couponing: Where do you store your coupon inserts?

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I will just ask a random question. If you care to answer, leave a comment.

9th topic: Where do you store your coupon inserts?

I get tons of inserts. No I do not sell them. I often swap with some of my customers. I wanted to ask for creative ideas for storing inserts. I have a few questions for you:

Where do you put your inserts?

How do you keep them together?

Where do you store the excess?

I used to store my coupon inserts in a crate facing down. I put the date on them and put them in order with the most recent insert on top.

I need to create a system for getting to them quicker, without lugging them in and out of the car. My first system was hanging them in a portable file box organized by date. Once the folder became too heavy, I stopped using the file box. I started off getting 10 inserts a week, until a coupon fairy came!

If you have any suggestions, please let me know.


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I love to save money! J.E.M.

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