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11th topic: Do you cashier profile?

Imagine that you are shopping in the store. When you finish checking out, you see three lanes open:

A.)In lane one, there is an old lady. She has worked for the company for over 30 years. She scans really slow and she always looks at the coupons very closely, and rejects them because the items you are buying are not in the picture.

B.)In lane two, there is an energetic young man who just started the job. He is eager to scan all of your coupons. He has patience,charisma, and a nice smile. He is familiar with the coupons, and wording.

C.) In lane three, the customer service manager has opened a register because the store is busy. She has an attitude, because she would like to get back to her other job that she was doing.

Who do you go to? The answer is B.

It is called cashier profiling. Here are some tips on how to cashier profile:

1.) Look for friendly and easygoing cashiers

2.) Find a cashier who has patience with long transactions.

3.) Look for a cashier that shows an interest in you saving money.


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