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I love CVS Pharmacy. In fact, I applied there for a job first. The atmosphere is always cozy. I can do multiple transactions, and I get along fairly well with the associates. To say the least, I joined the CVS Advisor Panel.

What is the CVS Advisor Panel?

 It is a panel that solicits customers’ input through on-line surveys about CVS/pharmacy stores, products and services, in order to obtain our suggestions for how they can improve CVS.

How can you participate?

All potential CVS Advisors must fill out a short profile so that we you have  the opportunity to tell them a little about yourself and select the CVS products and services in which you are most interested. If you qualify for a particular survey, you will have the opportunity to complete the survey on-line and receive your ExtraBucks.

*In order to fill out a profile and receive ExtraBucks coupons after completing surveys, they ask that all CVS Advisors are ExtraCare cardholders. If you do not have an ExtraCare card, you may fill out a card application at your local CVS/pharmacy or call our ExtraCare department at (800) SHOP-CVS.

How do I receive my ExtraBucks after completing a survey?

All ExtraBucks will be available on the date specified in the survey.

To join now, sign up here. The signup process takes 10-15 minutes.

Let me know if you try it. Leave a comment below!


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