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14th topic: How do you prepare for your shopping trip?

Preparation is one of the most critical elements to being a successful coupon user.

In order to have a successful shopping experience, one must have all the essentials.

When I go shopping, I prepare by doing the following:

I search the circulars for deals. Once I receive the ad on Wednesday, I do a mental list. When it is time to go shopping, I like to circle my items with a black or red marker. I make sure to hit all of the stores while I am out and plan the best route.

Since I am a visual learning, my mind automatically compiles a list.

I gather all my coupons together( Manufacturer+ Store) and clip them with a paperclip.

I also carry extra coupons to check deals.

I place them in an envelope labeled with the store name on it.

Once I get to the store I get the items that I have on the list.

* The only time I get anything else is if it is free after coupons.

I checkout, and then I’m done.

How do you prepare for your shopping trip? Leave a comment below!


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