WAMW: Chobani Greek Yogurt


Manufacturers thrive on knowing that the consumers love their products. They hope that they can get you to become brand loyal. So once a week, we will email a Manufacturer, and then I will update and tell you what they send.

Write a Manufacturer Wednesday (Mailbox)

Have you ever written a manufacturer for a complaint? Compliment?

Well each month, we will write a manufacturer. I have done this plenty of times. Some companies send coupons, while others do not. It is always important to let your voice be heard.

When you write think about:

Your like/dislike of the products

Personal stories

Usage in your home

Brands you would like to try

Today’s Manufacturer is Chobani

Write to them and tell me what they send.



Erica @ MzCouponn 2 Savvy

“♥SM.PIF.N ♥”



I love to save money! J.E.M.

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