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20th topic: Couponing: Do you use eCoupons?

eCoupons are also fantastic because they can be also stacked on top of store coupons. They just get loaded right on to your store savings card-costing you no ink and hardly any time! Then when you check out at the store the coupons are automatically get deducted from your total!

Savingstar provides digital coupons to more than 24,000 stores and over 100 supermarket and drugstore chains across the U.S. SavingStar’s eCoupons are available on the web and through the company’s iPhone and Android apps which are linked to users’ registered loyalty cards. Choose the coupons you are interested in and click on the link shown below to add to your loyalty cards.

How SavingStar Works:

(1) Click on the link we show below, it features the specific coupon.

(2) Enter your zip code to find store locations near you.

(3) Sign up or log in to your account.

(4) Enter the complete card number including any digits that appear before or after the bar code. Click on Add Card after you have entered the card number & confirmed it.

(5) Use your SavingStar loyalty card at checkout in the store. (note that your bill will not change)



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