Sttas: How do you feel about cashiers on cell phones?


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28th topic:  How do you feel about cashiers on cell phones?

 Everytime I go to the register, and it is a young cashier, they have their cell phone nearby. I dislike how they are in a rush to finish my order, and then they  text on their phone. First of all, they should not have their phones near them because of the rules. Second, it is disrespectful that they do not greet you right away because they have received a new message on Facebook! These social media networks are taking over! Third, they take coupons without looking at them. They are in a rush that they often forget to deduct your reusable bags and often give you the dreaded plastic bag. One of my clients suggested that there are advantages and disadvantages of cashiers on cell phones.


Can be used to call the cops in case of an irate customer, or situation.

Can be used in case of a family emergency.


Capable of messing up transaction/handling money

Register turns up short

Does not check the shrink or “Bottom of Basket”

Bad complaints

Have you ever experienced this? How did you handle it?


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