Sttas: Should you take the whole tearpad?

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32nd topic: Should you take the whole tearpad?

 I visit many stores per week scouting deals and checking clearance finds. If you see a tearpad and you know that it is a good long-lasting coupon, would you tear it? Most tearpads coincide with the current sale promotion, while others force you to wait. I have been to many stores trying to get the Hefty Foam Plates and I notice that the whole tearpad is gone. I automatically assume that it is a single person, because I have watched someone do it. If you were in the store and needed 30 of an item and the tearpad coupon in front of you will make these items free, will you take any?

If so how many do you take?

Would you share?

Would you leave any for anyone else?
Would you take multiple tearpads?
Would you sell them?
Would you stockpile?

Are you afraid that they won’t use them right? 
Do you feel guilty?

These are some questions that come to mind while I am in the store. Let me know what you would do!


Erica @ MzCouponn 2 Savvy

“♥SM.PIF.N ♥”


I love to save money! J.E.M.

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