TTOF: Learn how to Roll ECBs, Plenti Points, and Register Rewards correctly

Tuesday Tip on Frugality– I will offer a tip in regards to coupons, and organization.

Tip#44:  Learn how to Roll ECBs, Plenti Points, and Register Rewards correctly

The term “rolling” is synonymous with a car tire. The tire will keep going until you stop it. That is the same analogy with Extra Care Bucks(ECBs), Plenti Points, and Register Rewards(RR). ExtraCare Bucks and Register Rewards are coupon-like receipts that print out at the register after you make qualified purchases. Plenti Points are loaded to your card and unavailable until after 6am the next business day. When you roll your rewards, you are using the rewards from one transaction to pay for the next. The best “roll” is when you have had a previous moneymaker.

Extra Care Bucks Scenario

Transaction #1: Buy one Pure Silk Shaving Cream $1.50

Earn $1.50 ECBs Limit 2 offers per household(meaning card)

Transaction #2 Buy one Pure Silk Shaving Cream $1.50

Use $1.50 ECBs from previous transaction to pay. Earn $1.50 ECBs

Plenti Points Scenario

For example, Black Forest Gummy Bears are $1 this week. If I purchase one, I will receive 100 Plenti Points. On my next transaction I will use the 100 points that I was rewarded to buy another product yielding Plenti Points. Since Trident Gum is 3 for $3, and I have $2 worth of coupons making my O.O.P $1 I can use that $1 earned to pay the $1 owed. This concept helps you collect your free items!

Register Rewards Scenario

Transaction #1 Buy one Colgate Toothpaste $3

Get $3 RR

Transaction #2

Buy Tena Sanitary Pads $2

Use RR from previous transaction

You cannot use the Register Reward to purchase the same item from the same manufacturer, but can use it towards another item yielding RR.


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