TryIt: Sunbites Whole Grain Popcorn


Try it Thursday- I will recommend a product to try or review one that I have tried.

I love popcorn. Popcorn is so tasty to snack on while watching movies. I watch a lot of movies in my daily life. I came across this ad for SunBites popcorn. I am interested in trying the Lightly Sea Salted one. Regular salt gives me headaches. I am going to check these out and let you know how they taste!

The popcorn comes in three flavors: Sweet Caramel, Lightly Sea Salted, and Sweet & Salty.

They have expanded their line to also include a variety of Crispy Snacks, Pittas, and Crackers.

Be sure to try the other kinds!


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I love to save money! J.E.M.

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