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49th topic:Should stores impose limits?

Due to the growing popularity of coupon usage, many stores are imposing limits on products. What are some reasons that stores impose limits?

Some reasons stores impose limits:

To avoid shelf clearing

To give every customer an equal opportunity on the initial sale day

Due to limited stock/ warehouse shortage

To give customers a chance to buy at least two of the item without coupon

So the other day I went to the drugstore to purchase an item , which was free after coupon. When I picked up more than one, the cashier informed me that there was a limit of one per customer. Since the sale started on Sunday, and it was already Thursday, should the limit still apply? I feel that if a customer really wanted the item, then they would get it on the first day. In another store, I had a similar experience. I asked the manager to special order an item 3 weeks before the sale. The manager ended up fully stocked but then had an issue when I wanted to purchase the amount that I special ordered. I ended up purchasing a few, and I never shopped at the store again. Have you ever experienced anything like this? Please comment below.


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