TTOF: Shop with your circular in hand

Tuesday Tip on Frugality– I will offer a tip in regards to coupons, and organization.

Tip#51: Shop with your circular in hand.

As soon as I enter the store, I immediately locate the store circular. I browse through the circular and compare it to my shopping list. As I navigate the aisles, I check to see the specifications of the items and the correct sizes. Having the circular in hand enables you to:

See what items are on sale

Talk to an associate if you have a question about a product

Verify if the item is actually in stock

Give specifications such as an item number to the customer service representative in case of a raincheck.

Have a visual of what you are buying to avoid overpaying.

It is very important to have a store circular with you. I recently went to Shoprite. My mother informed me that the Olive Oil was on sale for $4.99. When I went there, it $6.99. Prices often differ by location.  As part of Hispanic Heritage Month, Shoprite in Perth Amboy offered the Olive Oil at a cheaper price. Even though it was in the circular in Perth Amboy, it was not the same at Edison. Remember, when you get in the store, grab your circular.


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