TTOF: Get to know management for easy transactions

Tuesday Tip on Frugality– I will offer a tip in regards to coupons, and 10/25organization.

Tip#59: Get to know management for easy transactions.

When you enter a store to embark on a coupon shopping trip you need to be prepared. I make it priority to meet the manager, just in case I have an issue. There are managers that dislike coupon users, while others are patient. In one ShopRite, I met the manager. He informed me that there is a 4 coupon limit per transaction. He allowed me to do multiple transactions in order to get my cheap detergent. He informed me that there are lots of re sellers in the area, and that is why they enforce the strict policy.

At Walgreens, the manager opened up a separate checkout register so that I could complete multiple transactions. I was purchasing Mentos NOW Mints. After ringing up the order it reached the coupon limit. She rang the order up again.

At Dollar General, the manager rang up all the cases of vegetables that I had with efficiency. She was very polite and separated each transaction for me.

Get to know your managers so that you can get the proper service that you deserve. Has a manager helped you with a transaction? Leave a comment below.


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