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71st topic:  What is coupon fraud?

I began chatting with a store manager in a local Dollar store. He informed me that a lady comes in every month buying lots of things. She continuously uses Save $2.00/1 Huggies wipes 556ct coupons to purchase the 56ct,which normally issues a .50/1 coupon. That is fraud at it’s finest. Don’t believe the “if it scans” conversation, because it is not ethical. He is attempting to contact the CIC. Do you know what coupon fraud is? Do you know someone that is committing it?

-Coupon fraud is intentionally using a coupon for a product not purchased. If it is a mistake, it is not intentional.

If the coupon reads save $2.00/1 Tide Simply Detergent, and you are using it on Tide Laundry Detergent.

-Failing to satisfy the terms and conditions for redemption on the coupon:

 For instance, if the coupon reads ”Save $1.00/4 cans of cat food 8oz”, but you are only purchasing two.

-Altering or photocopying the coupons

Printing 2 coupons from and then copying them at the copy machine.

-Decoding involves matching barcodes and product family codes:

Using a 4 pack of Dannon Light and Fit yogurt coupon on the single serve cups of Dannon Light and Fit yogurt

-Creating/buying fake coupons online

Buying a Free  Tide 100oz coupon valued at $14 off on Facebook. Tide does not issue free product coupons. Red flags should have been raised.

-Using expired coupons hoping to get away with it.

Coupons are to be used up to 12am on their expiration date.

What are some of the penalties for committing coupon fraud?

You can land a hefty 17 year prison sentence and a fine of 5 million.

The terms of all coupon states “CONSUMER: Redeem ONLY by purchasing the brand, size(s) and quantities indicated. ANY other use constitutes fraud.” Plain and simple. Follow the rules. Save money. Shop Smart. Grow your stockpile.

If the coupons are used incorrectly the manufacturer  WILL reject reimbursing the retailer since the correct items were not purchased. The store will take a major loss.

If it is more than one person, it can cost the store thousands of dollars.

How are you combatting coupon fraud in your community?



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