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I heart keenwah Quinoa Clusters

When I first tasted Quinoa, I was very excited!  I eat rice everyday, and I mean everyday! Quinoa tastes just like rice! Over the years I have grown to love it! There is a new product called i heart keenwah Quinoa Clusters. I recently saw this product line in Rite Aid. I remember watching the manager set up the display with “healthier snacks”. She was unaware of how long they would be in stores, but it is still there. I want to try the Chocolate Sea Salt flavor.These clusters are a combination of quinoa seeds, crisps, and flakes alongside nuts and fruit. I can’t wait to try this snack. I love to let the students try different snacks in school,and I am anxious for their reaction to these.

Other varieties are : Almond, Cranberry & Cashew, Ginger Peanut,  and Chocolate Sea Salt

They have expanded their line to also include a variety of Quinoa Puffs, Toasted Quinoa, and Hot Cereal.

Be sure to try the other kinds!


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