TryIt: Pressley All Natural Thin and Crispy Pretzel Chips

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Pressels All Natural Thin and Crispy Pretzel Chips

I have been a fan of pretzels since Super Pretzel came out. In fact, I can eat a Pretzel in any size shape or form. Pretzels are very tasty to snack on daily. I came across the ad online for Pressels, a combination of pretzels and chips. They are shaped like tiny bagels and coated with goodness in every bite.

I was thinking about trying the Original kind. I always try to find healthy alternative snacks to the typical Doritos and Cheetos that my kids like to eat. Pressels is much healthier, and is Gluten free. It is also bursting in flavor and coated with many different seasonings and spices.

Other varieties are : Sesame and Original

Be sure to try the other kinds!


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I love to save money! J.E.M.

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