TTOF: Use coupons on clearance products

Tuesday Tip on Frugality– I will offer a tip in regards to coupons, and organization

Tip#74: Use coupons on clearance products

When I first started using coupons 6 years ago, I started off with clearance products. Pathmark would always mark down their products from 50-75% off. My main focus was beauty and household products. They would also have triple coupon day, where the value of the coupon up to a dollar would triple. I remember getting an aluminum foil for .39 each after triple coupons.

No matter what your price is on clearance items, stack a coupon with it. Coupons help lower your O.O.P. cost. Using this technique will save you so much money over time! Some stores will tell you that you cannot use a coupon on top of the sale. Shop in the clearance aisle first, and all regular aisles after.


Erica @ MzCouponn 2 Savvy

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