TryIt: Clorox Scrub Singles

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Clorox Scrub Singles 

Let’s face it. I cook everyday. Sometimes I spill things on the counter and it’s hard to get off without scrubbing. I was cleaning my counter one day when I wanted to try Clorox Disinfectant Wipes. Clorox has been a family choice for many years. I opened the pack of wipes and there was a sample inside. The sample was the Clorox Scrub Singles. I had never heard of these before and I was anxious to try it.

I opened the sample and scrubbed the counter really good. All you have to do is wet the scrubber and scrub your surface. These scrubbers come equipped with Clorox cleaner. They worked really well! I had an ice tea stain and it came right up! I have been using Clorox products all my life and I will not stop now!

Other varieties are : Decide-A-Size, Heavy Duty, Multipurpose Wipes

They have expanded their line to also include a variety of wipes and cleaners.

Be sure to try the other kinds!


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