Sttas: How do you plan your shopping trips?

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76th topic: How do you plan your shopping trips?

I was sitting at the table with my mom on Sunday and we began talking. She asked me about planning my shopping trips. It is fairly easy. I use a system that works well for me.

Here is my shopping routine in a nutshell: First, I scan the circulars on Wednesdays and Fridays. I get a sample circular on Wednesdays, which includes Walgreens and Stop and Shop. Then on Fridays, I get ShopRite, Aldi and Rite Aid. I get CVS from the free Sentinel paper in my area. I visit Target and Walmart to check and take photos of other exciting deals.

I circle items that are priced well. I look at the coupon matchups on my favorite site “Coupon Mom” and search for the coupon. She lists all the coupons and their locations on her site. Sometimes the store matches the coupons in their ad with the most recent coupon coming out.

Be careful and take note. Most stores will match with the most recent, while the better coupon has already come out.  After that, I make a list with my breakdown. While making the list, I like to cut the picture out of the ad. I am a visual learner/ person so it works well for me. I do not total my transactions just in case the item is not in stock. If an item is not in stock, I get a raincheck.

Once I am all ready, I place all coupons and ad pictures in an envelope labeled with the store name on it. I am ready for my trip, and now it is time to head out!

How do you plan your shopping trips?


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