Sttas: Do you use Redeemable at coupons?

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78th topic: Do you use Redeemable at coupons?

Many times you will find a coupon that says “Redeemable at…(store name)”.

I often ask myself, Can I use this coupon at a different store? Most of the time, the coupon is from a store that is priced higher. If you look on the top of the coupon, it will indicate if it is a store or manufacturer coupon. If it is a store coupon, then it has to be used at that store. If it says manufacturer coupon, it can be used at any store.

I noticed that some IP’s state redeemable at Walgreens, or Redeemable at Walmart. I have seen a coupon out of an Acme flyer be used at ShopRite. Make sure that you follow all rules when using coupons.

Have you ever used these type of coupons?


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