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Hi, my name is Erica, and I have three children. I am an educator, hardworking mom and I love to blog everyday. I love getting things for FREE! My site is PR-friendly! I blog because I value opinion, and freedom of expression. I like to share my views with my family, and with my readers. I am very influential. My family and readers value my judgment.
My website is like an open book. It is family oriented, and I want it to be acceptable for all ages. I will post coupons, daily deals, family oriented things, reviews, and more depending on the time and what is available. I love to try new products and write reviews.  I will advertise your company on my site as long as it is appropriate content, and promotes appropriate content. I will thoroughly inspect your website, beforehand to make sure that it adheres to my rules. I welcome product reviews and giveaway requests as long as there is ample time, at least 2 weeks. I do not charge for a giveaway accompanied by a review on my blog because I like to give back. However, I do want to try the product out. As far as promoting it on other sites, we can discuss rates. If you want to do a giveaway with no review, the charge is $25.00. In the case, where there is a winner, I would prefer for the company to ship the item.
Review Guidelines:
I will include a photo, and hyperlinks as asked. I will also let them know about your Facebook or Twitter pages. If you have or need extra entries, let me know.
Commonly Accepted Items for Reviews:
Some general items that I LOVE to try: Music,Music Accessories, IPhone Applications, Shoes, Clothing, Baby Items, Household Cleaners, Feminine Products, Accessories, Hair Products, Environmentally Friendly Items, Recycled Materials, Cooking Items, Condiments, Sauces, Poetry, Movies, Stationery, Electronics, Jewelry, Games, Music, Car Accessories, Dietary Items, and much more.
Site Rules:
       The site must be appropriate. Inappropriate content will not be accepted.
       The site must not promote fraud and scams of any kind.
       No advertisements are to be written as comments.
       No inappropriate comments will be tolerated.
       The site must not put any of my readers in harm’s way.
You are welcome to contact me about advertising: Mzcouponn2savvy@ Gmail (dot) com. Email me if you have any questions, comments or requests.
I do have frequent visitors on my site, and I address common topics. As I broaden my promotion, I will have more readers. Go here to like MzCouponn2Savvy on Facebook. Go here to follow me on Twitter.
To discuss placing a button, banner, link or other form of advertising, please contact me for rates. 
Thank You for your time, and effort to review this page!