My Inspiration



How I got started using coupons:

I started Couponing a couple of years ago, but it wasn’t major. I would clip a few coupons here and there and pretty soon tons would expire. I stopped at first. I started doing some research on Ebay for regular items, and came across some coupons for sale. At first, I was hesitant because I thought they were fake.  I began to do some more research and noticed that people actually recommended Ebay. So the first transaction was for Hammermill paper coupons $2 off 1.

They were on sale in the store for $2.49 cents. So I bought 40 coupons for a couple of dollars, and paid .49 each pack at the store because I teach. I was extremely happy. Time passed and I began to just shop clearance until one night I saw a preview for EXTREME COUPONING on TLC. I watched the show and a light went off in my head. I was not doing something right. I needed to use more than one coupon. I only practice ethical couponing. I will not represent any coupon fraud on this site.

I began purchasing a couple of inserts a week. I started ordering the Star-Ledger (NJ) for the coupons. Then, I purchased 10 papers a week every Sunday from Dollar Tree for $1. Now, I receive tons of coupons from different places.

My Inspirations:

1.) My children– They motivate me to do better to provide them with the best.

2.) Positive people-If you can offer a suggestion, I admire that because someone always has something negative to say about coupons and those who use them. I use them in the correct manner.

3.) The less fortunate– I was blessed with a roof over my head, and at one time I didn’t know where to turn and people helped me. Now it’s my turn to give back. I hope that one day I can start a class or do seminars for FREE.

4.) Knowledge– I  am on a quest for knowledge, and that is why I keep going.